Our Wedding Love Dove | Booklet of 20-40 U.S. Postage Stamps | Face Value 39 & 63 Cents | 2006 | Scott 3998, 3999


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Face Value 39 & 63 Cents | 2006 | Scott 3998, 3999

This was issued in two formats, a booklet pane of 20 of the 39-cent purple heart, and a double booklet pane of 40 consisting of twenty 39-cent stamp (designed for the RSVP envelope) together with twenty green 63-cent stamp (the 2-ounce rate at the time of issue, designed for the wedding invitation).  Note the designs of the 39-cent purple stamp are the same from either format.

These self-adhesive stamps can still be used to pay postage on current mail (using additional postage as needed to make up the current first-class rate).

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