Stampin’ The Future | Sheet of 20 U.S. Postage Stamps | Face Value 33 Cents | 2000 | Scott 3414-3417


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Face Value 33 Cents | 2000 | Scott 3414-3417

Issued in 2000, these stamps show the contest design winners when the US Postal Service asked children to submit artwork that imagined the 21st century. These designs feature an astronaut in space, a rocket, a dog with a space helmet, and a group of children with a heart backdrop. Winners Sarah Lipsey (Tennessee), Morgan Hill (New Jersey), Zachary Canter (Hawaii), and Ashley Young (Utah) were chosen from over 120,000 entries. These 33-cent stamps were issued in a sheet of 20 and feature five of each of the four winning designs. Keep a set for yourself, and use the rest on your mail to show the hopeful spirit of a child!

Full pane of US postage stamps. These self-adhesive stamps can still be used to pay postage on current mail (using additional postage as needed to make up the current first-class rate).

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