Presidential Series: John Tyler U.S. Postage Stamps | Face Value 10 Cents | 1938 | Scott 815 | American History, Election


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Face Value 10 Cents | 1938 | Scott 815

The "Presidential Series" of US postage stamps, issued in 1938, remains one of the most popular and sought-after sets of stamps ever issued. Featuring every deceased president at the time of issue, the stamps honored President George Washington through President Calvin Coolidge (30th President, died 1933), as well as two non-presidents (Benjamin Franklin and Martha Washington) and one stamp showing the White House. Ranging in denominations from 1/2 cent to $5, these stamps were issued in vibrant single colors (except for the bicolor $1, $2, and $5 stamps) and make a striking set of stamps. We have for sale almost all of the stamps in the set in full sheets, which are very difficult to find given the fact that the set was issued over 80 years ago.

Interested in more related stamps to pair with these for postage? Check out our other vintage stamp listings. These stamps can still be used to pay postage on current mail (using additional postage as needed to make up the current first-class rate). All are unused with full gum on reverse; however, due to the age of the stamps, we recommend use of a damp sponge instead of licking the back, or we might recommend using a dab of a permanent glue stick before mailing.

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