Nature of America | Complete Set of 12 sheets | Total 120 U.S. Postage Stamps | Face Value 33-44 Cents | 1999-2010


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Set of 12 Nature of America mini-sheets. Includes Scott numbers:

  • 3293 - Sonoran Desert
  • 3378 - Pacific Coast Rain Forest
  • 3506 - Great Plains Prairie
  • 3611 - Longleaf Pine Forest
  • 3802 - Arctic Tundra
  • 3831 - Pacific Coral Reef
  • 3899 - Northeast Deciduous Forest
  • 4099 - Southern Florida Wetland
  • 4198 - Alpine Tundra
  • 4352 - Great Lakes Dunes
  • 4423 - Kelp Forest
  • 4474 - Hawaiian Rain Forest

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Full panes of US postage stamps. These self-adhesive stamps can still be used to pay postage on current mail (using additional postage as needed to make up the current first-class rate).

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