Letter-Writing, Universal Postal Union | US Postage Stamps | Face Value 10 Cents | 1974 | Scott 1530-1537 | John Donne, Poet, Author, Books, Reading


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Face Value 10 Cents | 1974 | Scott 1530-1537

As John Donne wrote, “Letters mingle souls.” Featured on this set of stamps, this quote is appropriate to celebrate the Universal Postal Union, the international body that coordinates postal policies among nations. Established in 1874, these stamps in eight different designs honor the 100th anniversary of this body and feature letter writing-themed images and works of art. A perfect accompaniment to your letter! Depictions include Michelangelo from “School of Athens” by Raphael; “Five Feminine Virtues” by Hokusai; “Old Scraps” by John Peto; “The Lovely Reader” by Jean Etienne Leotard, “Lady Writing Letter” by Gerard Terborch; inkwell and quill from “Boy With a Top” by Jean-Baptiste Chardin; and Mrs. John Douglas by Thomas Gainsborough. Interested in more history or literature stamps to pair with these for postage? 

These vintage stamps can still be used to pay postage on current mail (using additional postage as needed to make up the current first-class rate). All are mint with full gum on reverse; however, due to the age of the stamps, we recommend use of a damp sponge instead of licking the back, or we might recommend using a dab of a permanent glue stick before mailing.

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